Introducing brokers

Introducing brokers

ATG World Capitals Introducing Broker (IB) Membership equips brokers with all the tools and collaterals to seamlessly establish a unique client facing bullion brokerage service. Along with providing portfolio diversification to your clients, we provide your firm with business diversification.

An IB can be any variety of broker, including:

Online Brokers;

Wealth Managers;

Dealers; and

Professional Service Providers.

For existing brokerage operations, we are the perfect add-on complementary solution. For start-up bullion brokerage firms, we offer an unparalleled turnkey solution that allows rapid business setup and market penetration.

Bullion Capital exclusively offers a wholesale service, providing dedicated full trade cycle support. This means that we do not compete with our IBs in the retail market and allows us to align our interests 100% with our IBs.

Broker Value Proposition:

Add new revenue streams to your business: Trading, Storage & Collateralisation fees. These are volume based and ongoing management style fees.

Increase lead conversion: Significantly improve lead conversion, by offering physical gold, an investment that many global regions understand better than anything else and have a cultural affinity to.

Lower cost of acquisition: A higher rate of lead conversion means a lower cost of acquisition.

Increased client lifecycle: Tap into a clients longer term investment funds, build loyalty and retain your clients with an investment that lasts lifetimes.

Credibility: offer a tangible and credible investment product.

Great complementary service: A great new solution to tag onto your existing suite that adds value to your existing clients.

Interface with your other services: Interface client short-term trading funds with longer-term investment wealth held in precious metals, where a significant amount of wealth is held globally.

Bring additional wealth into your universe: Secure the flow of new clients seeking a broker to access this exchange solution.

Infiltrate new markets and attract new clients: Appeal to new clients in new locations.


Turnkey customised client solution for physical bullion trading, storage and delivery.

White label or co-branding of platform and marketing collaterals.

Comprehensive training and downstream client support.

Extensive marketing and education documents and videos provided.

Full back-office and reporting tools and support.