Spot Silver-ABX

Spot Silver

The spot price of silver is the price the ATG World Capital's quotes to our clients including Banks, Institutions, and individual buyers for delivery of the silver within 72 hours. The spot price is also known as the cash price. The spot price is calculated according to the most recent average bid price offered by the worldwide professional traders

Key Factors

Supply and demand ratio
Weather and politics as it can effect the mining operations.
Industrial, Photography and Jewellery demand (i.e. demand from physical buyers).
Season-wise demand from Asian countries like India and China.
Government's contribution to sales in the market.


Quotation unit1 Troy Ounce
Tick size$0.01 (AUD/USD)
Quotation currencyAUD & USD


Contract NameContract SizeFineness MinimumWithdrawal QuantityMinimum Deposit Quantity
1oz Pool1 tOz999.91,000 tOz (1,000 Lots)1,000 tOz (1,000 Lots)
10oz NTR Minted Bar10 tOz 999.91 Bar (1 lot, 10 tOz)1 Bar (1 lot, 10 tOz)
American Eagle20 tOz 999.920 Coins (1 lot, 20 tOz)20 Coins (1 lot, 20 tOz)
Australian Kookaburra20 tOz 999.920 Coins (1 lot, 20 tOz)20 Coins (1 lot, 20 tOz)
Austrian Philharmonic20 tOz 999.920 Coins (1 lot, 20 tOz)20 Coins (1 lot, 20 tOz)
Canadian Maple 25 tOz 999.925 Coins (1 lot, 25 tOz)25 Coins (1 lot, 25 tOz)
1Kg Bar32.151 tOz999.91 Bar (1 lot, 1 kg)1 Bar (1 lot, 1 kg)
100oz Bar100 tOz999.91 Bar (1 lot, 100 tOz) 1 Bar (1 lot, 100 tOz)