Trading technology

Trading technology

MetalDesk is the web-based trading platform which provides access to the physical precious metal exchange.

MetalDesk has been specifically engineered for the trade of physical bullion, allowing the end clients of members to trade, store, or take delivery of bullion in just a few clicks.

GUI can be fully rebranded for both live and simulation accounts;

Multiple colour schemes;

FIX 4.4 and a variety of customisable solutions are available to integrate with third party platforms or administration portals.





Central Limit Order Book: MetalDesk allows you to monitor live market prices and enables instant order execution and trade settlement.
Full market depth: shows all the price levels available in the market for each precious metal product traded, giving an indication of total market demand and supply.
Comprehensive client management tools: execute as agent for clients, full inventory and trade reporting.
Holdings management: allows you to monitor and manage your bullion inventory.
Customisable watchlist: organise and focus your precious metal trading by creating watchlists to keep a close eye on the products you are most interested in.
Full account activity reporting: 24 hour access to live and historic account activity.