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ATG World Precious Metal--Securely Trade + Invest Globally in Physical Bullion with MetalDesk.

ATG World is the clearing and prime brokers members of ABX( Austraila Bullion Exchange)---(Membership No:PB001531),atgworld offers a global physical bullion exchange, with an online platform for precious metal traders and investors. It also aims to provide customized trading solutions to our B2B and B2C clients and investor friendly schemes in bullion investments through our highly secured trading platform. The most powerful solution for trading physical precious metals worldwide.Trade and take delivery of physical metals in locations around the world, including Australia, Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Dubai, Istanbul, London, Zurich & New York. 10 global trading hubs provide you the ability to instantly shift your wealth around the world by selling your holdings in one vault and buying again in another. 




By modernising and globalising the precious metal markets, ATG World aims to redefine the way physical bullion is traded globally.



ATG World strives to optimise global physical bullion market efficiency by connecting the world with an integrated physical bullion exchange. We aim to maximise inclusiveness and accessibility and provide relevant real-time price discovery to global market participants.


ATG World

ATG World is a global electronic trading group;We commenced business in 2004 as a forex,equity,futures, options's trading firm;with offices in Dubai,Singapore and China;that puts only its own capital at risk.We also trade forex,equity,futures, options and index options on major Asian markets including China,Hong Kong,Singapore,Dubai,Korea, Australia and Taiwan. Whilst forex and gold is our core product, we consider a range of other arbitrage related trading strategies.Technology forms a key component of our business, and our focus on building the best systems will enable our success in current markets and expansion in the future.Trading on all of the worlds major financial markets, ATG World continuously strives to improve them by offering the best prices to end investors in all market conditions. By consistently adding liquidity to financial markets, in combination with finding relative pricing differences between related securities, ATG World contributes to making markets more competitive, efficient and transparent.Our team of quants, traders and developers execute proprietary trading strategies which provide liquidity to the market. Our technologists are some of the best in the world.  


ATG World Trading Dmcc is conducting its operations under the commercial license # DMCC -33839, issued by Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC). DMCC is a Dubai Governments initiative to monitor and facilitate the trading in precious metals.ATG World Trading Dmcc is the members of DGCX (Membership No. 0690), registered  & licensed as a free zone company under the rules & regulations of (DMCCA). Dubai Multi Commodities Centre Authority license Number DMCC-33839as a Dubai-based company incorporated in the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) and is licensed and regulated by the Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange (DGCX) and DGCX is Licensed and regulated by the Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority UAE (ESCA) ESCA is a member of the Internation Organisation of Securities Commissions(ISOCO).


Growth Strategy 


A continual investment in hiring and training of our trading team, along with an ongoing focus on software development, will enable further expansion.We recruit the best people and work hard to create an exciting and unique environment in which they can thrive.All of our people gain a unique and detailed insight into derivatives trading. We create opportunities everyday C for our people and in the market.